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Wooden Chew Chump & Rope

The Wooden Chew Chump & Rope is made from pure coffee tree wood combined with entirely natural coconut fiber ropes, handcrafted by experienced artisans.

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Wooden Chew Stick

Product introduction

The Wooden Chew Chump & Rope brings a fun and unique toy for your beloved pet dog:

  • The combination of coffee wood and coconut fiber rope provides a distinctive texture and perfect durability.
  • One of the special benefits of having the rope in the product is the opportunity it creates for you to engage in a game of tug-of-war with your dog, offering a delightful way to bond and exercise your furry friend.
  • The rope handle also makes it easy for the owner to throw and retrieve, making it an excellent toy for games of fetch.

The Wooden Chew Chump & Rope is available in various shapes, sizes, and rope-wood arrangements to suit the diverse preferences of different dogs.
You have three options to choose from for the Wooden Chew Chump & Rope depending on your pet’s preferences: Single, Dual, or Triple.

Size Chart and Dimensions

Why Should You Choose BWC’s Products?

BWC offers a diverse range of chewable wooden product options for dogs, all handcrafted using 100% coffee wood sourced from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

100% handcrafted products:
Every product is meticulously handcrafted by local artisans. After directly harvesting from coffee tree trunks and branches, followed by drying, each product goes through the careful hands of artisans for cutting, shaping, and finishing to meet quality standards.
Natural hardwood from 20-year-old coffee trees:
The material used to create these dog chew products comes from coffee trees that are over 20 years old and no longer suitable for coffee bean production. Instead of being discarded or burnt, they become perfect raw materials for ideal hardness.
What makes coffee wood different?
After extensive research and testing of various wood types, BWC found that coffee wood is uniquely suited for dogs’ chewing needs. The chew toys made from coffee wood have an ideal level of hardness and abrasion resistance for dogs’ chewing habits. Additionally, coffee wood has a mild, natural, sweet taste, and a pleasant aroma. The wood pieces soften during use, have no sharp edges, and are entirely safe for a dog’s digestive system.
Product design based on dog-specific research:
Based on in-depth research, BWC has developed this special coffee wood into safe chew toys for dogs, carefully selecting coffee tree branches, cutting, drying, and sanding processes to ensure the right shape, size, and quality standards.
No chemical soaking, non-toxic, no calories & caffeine:

Starting with pure coffee wood as the raw material, BWC products are entirely free from chemical soaking, non-toxic, and contain no calories or caffeine. This guarantees 100% safety for your dogs during chewing.

What do BWC’s Products Bring?

Relief from Boredom and Stress:
BWC’s products help alleviate dogs’ boredom and stress by satisfying their innate chewing needs.
As a Small Reward or Expression of Affection:
The mechanism of wood splinter release and gradual abrasion in BWC’s chew products helps clean dogs’ gums and teeth.
Reduced Risk of Household Damage:
Regular chewing helps reduce the risk of dogs damaging household items, providing relief to owners’ worries when leaving the house.

Oral Health Benefits:
Regular chewing can strengthen dogs’ jaw muscles, limiting dental issues such as cavities, gum inflammation, and tooth loss.

Jaw Strengthening:
BWC’s products also serve as adorable little gifts for rewarding or showing affection to our beloved dogs.

Product Lifecycle

Beginning Of The Journey
Buddy Wood Chew is a safe and all-natural wooden stick that will undoubtedly be your pet’s favorite gift and toy. Pay attention to their initial reactions!
Passionate Phase
BWC chew sticks will help your dog reduce stress and become happier by satisfying their chewing desires. Remember to clean it carefully after each use!
After Bonding Phase
As your dog spends more time with the wooden toy, the chew stick will gradually wear down.
Time To Replace

If the chew stick becomes too small, it may pose a choking hazard. That’s when you need to replace it with a new one, possibly in a different shape from BWC’s product range.


From Coffee Wood to Unique Handcrafted Products

Customer feedback

  • Puppy Pleaser
    My dog was hesitant at first, but I used to redirect his attention away from visitors, and away she went! The chew lasted longer than I thought for my power chewer
  • Bruce
    We often play together in the grassy field with the wooden stick attached to a string. It’s Bruce’s favorite toy.
  • Louis
    My house, my belongings have truly been freed from Louis’s teething. Thank goodness I found Louis’s favorite toys, and I’m completely at ease with the safety and usefulness of those toys.
  • George
    The fragrant wood stick, my dog enthusiastically plays with every day. I even have to restrict its usage to prevent excessive consumption over time.
  • Yuzuki
    I was skeptical, but now I’m ableliever. My dog loves these!

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