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Originating From Coffee Wood in
Tay Nguyen – Vietnam…

When you love a cat, it will see itself as a deity.
But when you love a dog, you become its deity.

In a dog’s life, every action, gesture,
and look from its owner is the only happiness. However, sometimes, amidst the chaos
of life, we neglect,
or treat dogs as servants,
or a place to vent our anger.

Let us cherish that loyalty and exclusive love!

They deserve to receive love, to live in a
safe embrace, after all they have given to their owners.

Coffee trees and
beloved dogs

The two most important natural elements,
combined with the skillful hands of
humans, create the essence and core value
of Buddy Wood Chew.

Buddy Wood Chew
– A project inspired
and strongly driven by a
deep love for nature

Rooted in a profound love and understanding of
dogs, by harnessing the precious resources
aged coffee wood from the Central Highlands of
Vietnam, and through a completely
production process by local communities, Buddy
Wood Chew offers natural, safe
wooden chew
products exclusively for dogs. This contributes to
the protection of the coffee
forest ecosystem,
prevents resource wastage, and minimizes
greenhouse effects.

What is BWC?

Buddy Wood Chew (BWC) is a leading brand in
the production and
distribution of wooden chew
products for dogs in Vietnam, with many
of experience in the pet product industry.

  • Skilled and Experienced Craftsmen: 
    These artisans are local people from the Central Highlands, dedicating their lives to each coffee tree with perseverance and meticulousness.
  • Stringent Manufacturing Process:
     Buddy Wood Chew places special emphasis on ensuring hygiene and quality standards, from raw materials to finished products, throughout the production and packaging processes.
  • Clear Source of Materials:
     The production is entirely natural, with 100% of the materials sourced from coffee trees grown in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
  • Uninterrupted Supply Capability: 
    Buddy Wood Chew is confident as a reliable supply source, with a production and packaging process that meets standards, expedited procedures, and on-time delivery.


As a Vietnamese business situated in the globally renowned highlands of coffee, where vast and prosperous coffee plateaus stretch, Buddy Wood Chew tirelessly strives to protect nature by utilizing the available resources of coffee wood. Our constant endeavor is to provide all-natural chewing products for dogs, offering them a comfortable and peaceful life experience while bringing joy to their owners.


With a rich supply of goods and skilled experienced artisans, Buddy Wood Chew aims to become a brand in the production and distribution of wooden chew products for dogs on a global scale. We aspire to cater to every corner of the world where adorable dogs and nature-conscious owners reside, contributing to the protection of the environment and nature.

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Buddy Wood Chew – A Vietnamese brand producing wooden chew products for pet dogs

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