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Committed to the Future


Sustainable Development
Commitment to the

BWC believes that global sustainable development
begins with the smallest actions,
driven by the
implementation process and a stringent system of standards rooted in the company’s values and vision.

All-Natural & Safe
Products for Our
Canine Companions

In today’s market, there is an abundance of dog toys made from materials like plastic and non-recyclable substances that pose a risk to dogs due to the possibility of ingesting foreign objects. Buddy Wood Chew wooden products are crafted from 100% coffee wood sourced from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. These toys are lovingly handcrafted by local artisans, making them a favorite and completely safe choice for our furry friends. This not only brings joy and happiness to our beloved dogs but also puts an end to the owner’s weariness caused by their pets’ innate chewing habits.

Throughout the
Product’s Lifecycle

This is evident through Buddy Wood Chew’s utilization of natural coffee wood as a raw material, the handcrafted production process, and the complete lack of non-degradable waste in the manufacturing and consumption phases. Optimizing the use of coffee wood not only prevents spontaneous forest fires but also reduces the potential risks and smoke emissions from such fires, contributing to mitigating greenhouse effects and protecting the natural environment.

Sustainable Employment
Opportunities for
Indigenous Communities

Buddy Wood Chew takes pride in providing stable employment and increased income opportunities for hundreds of indigenous people from the Central Highlands of Vietnam, including ethnic groups like Gia Rai and Êđê. The entire product production process is carried out manually, contributing to an improvement in the sustainable quality of life for these local communities. This initiative helps reduce deforestation and forest fires, thus safeguarding the natural forests and ecosystems in the region.

Corporate Culture

With a commitment to sustainable development, Buddy Wood Chew has built a corporate culture based on three core values:


This is reflected in how we interact with each other in a humane and compassionate manner, always valuing individuals, from dedicated artisans to our business team and all global partners.


Every member at BWC works and dedicates themselves wholeheartedly, always putting the customer at the center and approaching their work with a deep desire to love dogs and protect the environment.

We strive to ensure trust and responsibility to our customers, partners, and employees. BWC is also acutely aware of and places great importance on the business’s responsibility in protecting the environment, natural ecosystems, and conserving natural resources, which is evident in our sourcing, products, and production processes.

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