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Why did BWC choose coffee tree wood as material?

After researching and testing various types of wood, BWC found that coffee wood is a type of wood with the ideal hardness and abrasion resistance for the chewing needs of dogs. Chewable wooden products made from coffee wood have a mild sweetness and a naturally pleasant aroma that is very appealing to a pet dog’s palate. At the same time, the fragments produced during use become softer, with no sharp edges, completely safe for a dog’s digestive system.

Great benefits of chewing wood for dogs?
  • Relief from Boredom and Stress: BWC’s products help alleviate dogs’ boredom and stress by satisfying their innate chewing needs.
  • Reduced Risk of Household Damage: Regular chewing helps reduce the risk of dogs damaging household items, providing relief to owners’ worries when leaving the house.
  • Oral Health Benefits: The mechanism of wood splinter release and gradual abrasion in BWC’s chew products helps clean dogs’ gums and teeth.
  • Jaw Strengthening: Regular chewing can strengthen dogs’ jaw muscles, limiting dental issues such as cavities, gum inflammation, and tooth loss. 
How long can a BWC wooden chew product be used?

Each Buddy Wood Chew wooden chew product can be used for your beloved pet dog for an average of 3-5 weeks. The small fragments that result during use are soft, without sharp edges, and entirely safe for your pet dog’s digestive system.

How to choose size for each dog?

To choose the right size for Buddy Wood Chew products, follow these guidelines:

  1. Consider Your Dog’s Size: Take into account your dog’s breed and size. Larger dogs will typically require larger-sized products, while smaller dogs should have appropriately sized chews.

  2. Check the Product Label: Many Buddy Wood Chew products come with size recommendations on the label or in the product description. Follow these guidelines as a starting point.

  3. Observe Your Dog’s Chewing Habits: Watch how your dog chews and interacts with their toys. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, they may need a larger, more durable chew. If they’re a gentler chewer, a smaller size may suffice.

  4. Ask Your Veterinarian: If you’re unsure about the right size, consult your veterinarian. They can provide guidance based on your dog’s specific needs and preferences.

  5. Consider the Product Design: Some Buddy Wood Chew products are designed with specific features or shapes that may be more suitable for certain sizes or breeds. 

Remember that selecting the right size is crucial for your dog’s safety and enjoyment. If in doubt, it’s always a good idea to start with a slightly larger size, as it’s generally safer than one that’s too small. Monitor your dog as they use the product, and if it seems inappropriate or unsafe, replace it with the correct size.

What should be noted when using BWC products for your dog?

When using Buddy Wood Chew products for your dog, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Supervision: Always supervise your pet while they are using the product to ensure their safety and prevent any potential choking hazards. This is especially important if your pet is an aggressive chewer.

  2. Size Appropriateness: Choose the right size of Buddy Wood Chew product for your pet. It should be appropriate for the size and breed of your dog. If it’s too small, there’s a risk of choking, and if it’s too large, your pet may struggle to use it effectively.

  3. Replace When Necessary: Monitor the condition of the product. If it becomes significantly worn down or develops sharp edges, replace it to prevent any harm to your pet.

  4. Cleanliness: Regularly clean the product to remove any dirt, bacteria, or residue that may accumulate on it.

  5. Allergies: If your pet has any known allergies or sensitivities, ensure that the wood used in the product is safe for them.

  6. Consult a Vet: If you have any concerns about your pet’s health or the suitability of the product for them, consult with your veterinarian for guidance.

  7. Read Instructions: Always follow any usage or safety instructions provided by Buddy Wood Chew or the product’s packaging.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can ensure that your pet can safely enjoy and benefit from Buddy Wood Chew products.

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